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  Drinking Water Week is May 5 - 11      
Conservation Tips from SWD16

For more than 40 years, the American Water Works Association and its members have celebrated Drinking Water Week.


Each year during the first full week of May, we recognize the vital role water plays in our daily lives.


Silverdale Water District holds an annual Drinking Water Week Art Contest to promote awareness of protecting and conserving our precious water resource.

See this year's Drinking Water Week Proclamation by Governor Inslee!


Drinking Water Week

Drinking Water Week Art Contest!



Local students were invited to show
how they are "Water Saver Super Heroes."


Students created an original flat 8-1/2" by 11" (letter-sized) artwork (drawing, painting, etc.) depicting the theme. Submissions demonstrating creativity and best expression of theme were made into a poster to be presented to each of the selected artists. They have also been invited to ride along with us in the Silverdale Whaling Days Parade on Saturday, July 27th.

Congratulations to selected artists
Juniper Wolff, Ty Gormanous, and Kaity Kamphaus

This poster will be displayed in our office for our visitors to enjoy.  Selected artwork will be presented in upcoming customer newsletters, as well as other media. Selected artwork may also be submitted to the 2019 American Water Works Association art contest.



Efficient water use can save you money on water & utility bills.

Use the proper water level, load size selection and water temperature when washing clothes.

Reduce the water level per flush by installing a low-flow toilet or a toilet displacement device.

In-sink garbage disposal devices use roughly 11.5 gallons of water each day. Try composting organic wastes instead of throwing them away.

Use both sides of the sink when washing dishes by hand: one side to wash and the other side to rinse. Do not wash dishes under a running faucet.

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