Silverdale Water District History

Silverdale Water District History

December 13, 1929 Silverdale Water District was formed to provide water services to the plat of Silverdale, today referred to as "Old Town Silverdale."

1930 Constructed an earth and timber dam on Woods Creek and installed two miles of wooden water main from the dam to Silverdale.

1931 Purchased 25 acres to serve as the District’s watershed.

1935 - 36 WPA grant used to construct two concrete dams on Woods Creek.

1941 Adopted water rates, ranging from $1.00/month to $3.00/month.

1947 Replaced 4” wood stave water main with 4,300 feet of 6” cement water main and 6 fire hydrants.

1954 Constructed first 250,000 gallon reservoir on Provost Road.

1963 Drilled first well adjacent to the Provost Road Reservoir.

1970 First residential meters installed.

1985 Ridgetop Development added approximately 2,000 additional connections.

2000 Implemented remote monitoring and control of wells, pumps, and reservoirs.

2001 Built new headquarters complex with Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue.

2004 Began implementation of Recycled Water infrastructure.

2015 Silverdale Water District chosen for Rodale’s Organic Life Magazine’s Top Ten list of best tasting tap water in the nation. Watch as Michael Strahan chooses SWD as his favorite tap water on national TV: