My Water Bill

Water Service is Billed Bi-Monthly (every two months)
See below to know when to expect your next bill and the payment due date.
Payments made after the due date will be subject to a 10% late charge.

Months Billed

Statements Mailed

2020 Due Date

December – January

February 1st

February 25th

February - March

April 1st

April 25th

April – May

June 1st

June 25th

June – July

August 1st

August 25th

August – September

October 1st

October 25th

October – November

December 1st

December 25th

2020 Typical Residential Water Bill
Water consumption can vary widely due to usage patterns, number of people in a household, irrigation habits, etc. 

Our residential customers use, on average, about 1,500 cubic feet per bi-monthly billing cycle.  In 2020, a typical bill for an average residential customer, including flat rate fees and street light charges, will be $90.75 for two months of water service.

What are the Charges on my Bill?
Your water bill will have several charges each bi-monthly billing period.  They are:

Fire Flow Charge and Meter Charge:
These charges are “flat-rate” – they don’t vary by consumption.  These charges cover maintenance, water quality assurance, infrastructure, and overhead costs for providing our customer with safe, clean, reliable water service and fire protection.  They represent the cost of doing business.

Usage Charge:
This charge is for the water that flows through your water meter.  To promote conservation, water rates per cubic feet (7.48 gallons) increase as more water is used.  You have direct control over this charge, based on your water usage decisions.  Here is the breakdown for a residential household using a standard 5/8” water meter:

0 – 1,000
cubic feet

1,000 – 2,000
cubic feet

2,000 – 4,000
cubic feet

Above 4,000
cubic feet





As you can see, the consumption charge for water can range from approximately ¼ of a penny per gallon to 1 penny per gallon, depending on how much is used. Click here for the current 2020 Water Rate Schedule (as of February 1, 2020). 

Street Lights Charge
Some residential and nonresidential accounts will have a bi-monthly charge for street lights.  These funds are passed on to Puget Sound Energy (see our Street Lights page for more information).

SDC (System Development Charge)
When an established neighborhood is incorporated into our District, infrastructure upgrades are frequently required.  This may result in a System Development Charge that appears on the bi-monthly bill of the incorporated service addresses.  To minimize the financial impact, these charges are spread over a number of years.  Is there a System Development Charge on your bill?  Contact us with questions or concerns.

Other Charges and Fees
Other miscellaneous charges and fees that may appear on your bill such as late fee, shut-off fee, etc., may be found on our Miscellaneous Charge Schedule.