How Do I? (FAQs)

I think I have a leak – how do I find it?

WaterPAK (Water Purveyors Association of Kitsap County) has created an excellent Leak Brochure.  More suggestions may be found at www.epa.gov/watersense/fix-leak-week

If you need further assistance in locating a leak, please contact our office at 360.447.3500 or info@swd16.org.

After your leak is repaired, you may be eligible for relief on your bill.  Please see our Water Usage Relief & Billing Dispute Resolution page.
I want to conserve water.  What can I do?
Please visit our Brochures page for excellent information. 
Also visit www.Environmental Protection Agency's Watersense website for many suggestions for conserving water in your residence, business, or landscape.
More water saving tips may also be found at the WaterPAK website.
How may I open or close an account with Silverdale Water District?

To open your account with Silverdale Water District, please see our New Service page.

To close or change the name on an account, please contact our office.

How do I pay my bill?
There are many options for paying your bill, including setting up automatic payments. Please visit our Payment Options page for details.
Where is my water meter located?
Silverdale Water District meters are located outdoors, usually within an easement found near the street on which your building is located. (There are some exceptions, so if you are having difficulty finding your meter, please contact us.) The meter is located in a below-ground container, with a plastic or metal cover at ground level.
When and how are water meters read?
We read meters every other month (bi-monthly). Our service technicians visit every meter (over 6,500) and either read and enter the data manually into their computers, or use an electronic “wand” to transfer the data.
How many gallons have I used?
The water consumption on your billing statement is presented in the industry standard measurement of cubic feet (cf). To calculate gallons, just multiply the consumption by 7.48 to determine the gallons of water that passed through your meter during the bimonthly billing period.