Well Test Will Help Define Aquifer



Silverdale Water District and Kitsap Public Utility District (Kitsap PUD) are collaborating on an innovative test of a new regional supply well before it is permanently added to our shared infrastructure.  This new well is located off Newberry Hill Road and is 900 feet deep.  It will be pumped at 1,000 gallons per minute over the course of a year.  The water pumped will be used by Silverdale Water District customers (some other system wells will be shut down during the test period). The effect of this drawdown on other wells and streams in the area will be measured, testing the capacity of this well and helping to define the extent of the Seabeck Aquifer. 

For more information, see this informative article from the “Watching Our Water Ways” blog at https://pugetsoundblogs.com/waterways/2019/08/15/yearlong-pumping-test-will-help-define-aquifers-across-kitsap-peninsula/

and the Kitsap PUD August/September newsletter at https://www.kpud.org/downloads/newsletters/kpudNews-2019-08.pdf