Work on Wixson Well Has Begun

news-Wixson_Well_2_192x275Silverdale’s population is growing, and the District is responding to the increasing need for water.  Our wells provide not only the water we use for drinking and nonpotable purposes (such as flushing and landscaping), but also water used by Central Kitsap Fire District for fire suppression. 

The first well drilled by the District was in 1963, near the Provost Road reservoir, at an estimated cost of $20,000.  The most recent wells (Wixson, Westwind, and Ridgetop) were drilled in the early 1990s.  This new well, named Wixson Well 2, will produce up to 1,000 gallons per minute, and will bring our current inventory of production wells to 12.

The invitation for bid was announced on December 31, 2020.  The successful bid was submitted by Holt Services, Inc, in the amount of $535,202. Construction on the project has commenced.