Flushing Water Mains

Why We Flush Water Mains

flushingFlushing water mains is necessary to maintain high water quality for our customers.   Flushing removes sediments, improves the disinfecting power of chlorine, and refreshes water throughout the system.  During the flushing process, we also perform routine inspection and maintenance on our water mains, valves, hydrants, and blowoffs.  These preventative maintenance procedures help minimize interruptions in water delivery to our customers.

Flushing begins in Spring, and different areas of the District (called zones) are flushed each year.  Work crews will post signs in advance for areas to be flushed.  Please watch for signs to see when your neighborhood will be flushed. Signs are typically placed 1-3 days prior to flushing.

The District recommends that you do not use your hot water and minimize use of cold water during the actual flushing. 

We appreciate your patience during this necessary procedure. 

For more information or questions, please call our office at 360.447.3500 or email us at info@swd16.org