Recycled Water

What is Recycled Water?
Recycled water starts out as domestic wastewater, but is then treated and tested for specific purposes.  Recycled water is not drinking water. It can be used for watering grass and plants, to replenish groundwater, to flush toilets in commercial and industrial buildings, or for similar purposes. Recycled water flows through dedicated “purple” pipes, and does not come in contact with drinking water.  See this Washington State Department of Ecology website for more information on recycled (also known as reclaimed) water.

Bringing Recycled Water to Silverdale
Silverdale Water District’s vision of bringing recycled water to our community took flight with a Feasibility Study in 2009.  Since then, we have been working with partners to bring recycled water to Silverdale.  Kitsap County, Kitsap Public Utility District, the University of Washington, and high-consumption customers share our commitment to the future of recycled water in our community. We are creating videos as we progress towards our goal.

Silverdale Water District is working with partners to bring recycled water to Silverdale. Kitsap County, Central Kitsap School District, Silverdale YMCA and St Michael Medical Center (formerly Harrison Medical Center) are among the partners who share our commitment to the future of recycled water in our community. Click on the image below to watch our latest video, "Our Shared Future."

Our Shared Future

Community leaders support recycled water – click the video to hear their thoughts.

U.S. Congressman Derek Kilmer, Washington’s 6th District
Our quality of life is attracting more residents to Kitsap County. Hear Rep. Derek Kilmer's thoughts on helping to preserve our resources by bringing recycled water to our community. It's our shared future.

Director Jill Jean, Kitsap Regional Library
Growth is coming to Kitsap County. Jill Jean, Director of the Kitsap Regional Library, discusses our shared responsibility for stewardship of the natural resources here in Kitsap County, including water -- our shared future.

Executive Director John Powers, Kitsap Economic Development Alliance
John Powers, Executive Director of the Kitsap County Economic Development Alliance, knows that preserving and recycling water is key to economic development in our community.

Resourceful – Recycling Our Water
Our 2016 video, Resourceful – Recyclling Our Water, introduced our plan to bring recycled water to Silverdale.  Learn more about our partnerships with local agencies and businesses.